The Infinite Dream Jewelry


The Infinite Dream jewelry are inspired by the traditional Romanian blouse embroidery.

The Infinite Dream jewelry

Are inspired by the traditional Romanian blouse embroidery. The model is a combination between “The horns of the ram” and “The infinity column”. The firs represents the power and the force, the struggle for supremacy. The second represent the infinite life. The colors used are white and turquoise and few khaki accents. The base is navy blue, stamped with smalls squares, imitating the traditional fabric . For glamour, i used white brilliant powder. This set is hand sculpted from polymer clay onto antique bases.The pendant and the earrings are varnished for a good protection. The earrings are not heavy at all.



  • 2,5 cm all, 1,3 cm model part


  • Length = 6 cm, 4 cm model part
  • Width = 5 cm, 3 cm model part

The pendant comes with 70 cm long chain.
The color may vary depending on the monitor.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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